Location: Magalawa Island, Palauig, Zambales

How to get here?

From Pasay City, ride a bus (Victory Liner) going to Olongapo City.

Estimated travel time is 3 – 4 hours. Fare: Php 160 – 250.

From Olongapo City, ride again a bus going to Santa Cruz and ask the driver if it will go by Palauig then stop by the road going to Magalawa Island or you can ask to be dropped off at Brgy. Pangolingan, Palauig, Zambales just along the Veritas road. Most of the bus drivers already know the way to Magalawa Island.

Estimated travel time is 3 – 5 hours. Fare: Php100 – 120.

There will be tricycles waiting in Palauig, ask to be dropped off at Port Luan going to Magalawa Island. The usual fare is Php 75 per head and you can haggle your way through if there’s more of you.

Then the boat ride from Port Luan to Magalawa Island is Php 50 per head and usually takes about 10 mins.

There are only two resorts there: Ruiz Resort and Armada Resort.


  • Better bring your own food and water because Magalawa only has a basic sari-sari store.
  • You can also drop by a wet market before heading to the island and ask the resort to have your meals cooked for you for a minimal fee.
  • If you are on a budget, you can bring your own tent or rent one.
  • If you are not the camping type, there’s also the basic cottages as well.
  • Magalawa only has electricity in the evening so better charge up.

For more details, you can contact Bing at +639294670505

Credits to Christian Angelo Mallari